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CannAcubed is an international group company with HQ in Singapore. The Group is focused on investment into industrial hemp & the cannabis industry, and committed to solving some of the world’s most pressing issues around poverty, waste, disease, energy and environment through sustainable cannabis projects.

CannAcubed’s wholly-owned Holdings include the parent company in Singapore, a 100% Foreign owned entity in China - ‘Guangzhou CannAcubed Biotechnology Co., Ltd, a 100% Foreign owned entity in Hong Kong - ‘HK CannAcubed Biotech Limited’, a Licensed Cultivation company in Wuding, a Licensed extraction facility in Chuxiong, and R&D facility for cosmetics, food/beverage and new materials in Kunming’.


China Cannabis - An Ancient History

Cannabis Sativa is an old plant with a long history. The word, sativa, comes from Latin and means "sown" or "cultivated." And, in fact, the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa, has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years. Cultivated primarily for its strength as a fiber and for its medicinal uses, it has even been grown for food. Some of the earliest archeological hemp evidence, about 10,000 B.C., comes from rope imprints on broken Chinese pottery. Fragments of hemp cloth have also been found in Chinese burial chambers dating from the Chou Dynasty (1122-249 B.C.). In addition to archeological evidence, written documents refer to hemp as a source of clothing. For example, The Shu King, a book dating to about 2350 B.C., refers to the soil in Shantung as rich with silk and hemp while ancient poetry mentions young girls weaving hemp into clothing (Abel, 1980).


Asia Focus

 CannAcubed’s Regional focus:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines

Our Services

China Integrated Cannabis Project


CannAcubed is building a world class Industrial Cannabis Eco-Park in China across multiple locations and will include High tech Research facilities for R&D into Cannabis strain to solve some of the worlds most pressing issues around disease & health, waste, energy & environment, a Hemp Bio-Plastics & Bio-Fuel research facility, Eco-Cosmetics factory, CBD & hemp Nutraceuticals Manufacturing Factory, New Materials factory, CBD Industrial scale processing plant, research integrated growing labs, Hemp Education facility, World Standards facility for testing cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticide contaminants and residual solvents., Secure Seed Bank chamber, Eco-Foods & Nutraceuticals manufacturing factory, high tech data centre for cannabis traceability and global logistics & distribution centre.

With the completion of this project, CannAcubed is looking to make China the 'Centre of Excellence' for Global Cannabis cultivation, production, manufacturing & R&D.

Further, CannAcubed will deliver GxP – New Standards For Cannabis Products Quality Assurance


Cannabis Big Data


CannAcubed is pioneering the China Cannabis space & recognises that a crucial key to producing safe and high-quality cannabis products is detailed traceability.   

CannAcubed’s focus will be from tracking inception of an individual plant or crop, through harvest, processing, and distribution, all the way to the point of sale to the patient. This will be done by providing visibility into the cannabis ‘chain of custody‘, tracking cannabis activity tied to current regulation, primarily around key compliance factors, with the ultimate aim to create a successful, sustainable and professional cannabis industry that is legitimately, safely and responsibly bringing cannabis to China, and the world.

CBD Oil Processing


CannAcubed is investing heavily into the development of its own Processing Plant's across the globe. The team, using a unique super-critical CO2 method will preserve, isolate, and maintain purity levels to produce CBD-rich cannabis medicinal oil. 

Our chemists have years of experience in the pharmaceutical extraction and purification of full & broad spectrum, and 99.8%+ CBD Isolate and use the latest innovative technologies in a high efficiency laboratory. We use the most advanced purification and analytical techniques to create the highest quality product. Our analytical platform includes: HPLC for cannabinoids, mass spectroscopy to test for pesticides and contaminants, microbiological and multi-residual analysis.

The extraction and purification process is carried out with the most advanced technology, using only green chemicals and food grade solvents. Every batch is analyzed for potency and safety. Products are delivered with a batch-to-batch certification of analysis

CannAcubed (China) promo

CannAcubed is building a world class & the first ever environmental Industrial (Big Health) Cannabis Eco-Park in China. Under  exclusive partnerships with private, public, Government entities and Universities, the project will pioneer the Cannabis sector and become a showcase for the world.   

CannAcubedChinaMediaLaunch2018 12 5 战略合作发布会 花絮

Wednesday 5th December represented the successful official media launch of CannAcubed’s major cannabis project in China.    Held at the beautiful 4-Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou, CannAcubed were joined by their project partners including representatives of the China Government, Ling Chen Security - a wholly owned subsidiary and representative of Tencent,  and top University professors.

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