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CannAcubed is a platform for global Cannabis projects, focused on  cultivation, processing, research & licensing.

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CannAcubed Pte Ltd is building a world class & the first ever environmental Industrial (Big Health) Cannabis Eco-Park in China. Under an exclusive Partnership with the Chinese Government (China Health Investment Corporation - CHIC) the project will pioneer the Cannabis sector and become a showcase for the world.   

CannAcubedChinaMediaLaunch2018 12 5 战略合作发布会 花絮

Wednesday 5th December represented the successful official media launch of CannAcubed’s major cannabis project in China.    Held at the beautiful 4-Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou, CannAcubed were joined by their project partners the ‘China Health Investment Fund Corporation ‘(CHIC) representing the China Government, Ling Chen Security - a wholly owned subsidiary and representative of Tencent,  and HuaFang Industrial Hemp - CannAcubed’s license and cultivation partner.

About Us


CannAcubed is a diversified global cannabis company focused on 4 major areas - Licensing, Cultivation, Processing & Research.

Our world-class scientific team uses patented Stem-Cell technology to research the benefits of medical cannabis for people facing everything from Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, Glaucoma, chronic pain to Cancer.


An Ancient History

The Cannabis plant has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years across many cultures. Tens of thousands of studies, backed by an enormous body of scientific research, ever more progressive cannabis laws, and enthusiastic public opinion, cannabis is earning the reputation it deserves as a game changing medical and health solution.....


Global Focus

 CannAcubed’s Regions of focus:

  • Asia (China / S.E Asia)
  • Australia
  • U.S.A
  • Israel
  • Europe

Our Services

Global Cannabis Cultivation


CannAcubed is set to become a global leader in the cultivation & supply of Cannabis for medical purposes. Our Group has access to tens of thousands of hectares of cultivatable land spanning 3 continents.


Stemcell Research & Development


CannAcubed's world-class research team using patented technology will continue  development into establishing a Broad Base of Cannabinoid Formulations: We will focus on identifying and developing cannabis strains and formulations with profiles of THC, CBD, CBN and other cannabinoids and compounds best suited for specific medicinal applications.

CBD Oil Processing


CannAcubed is investing heavily into the development of it's own Processing Plant's across the globe. The team, using a unique super-critical CO2 method will preserve, isolate, and maintain purity levels to produce CBD-rich cannabis medicinal oil. 

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